Our cookies policy

RSPCAPetville.com.au (the website) uses cookies as a requirement for the operation of the website. Cookies are small pieces of text which inform the website of the browser and operating system you are using and allow the website to deliver content in a layout suitable for your device. They also allow many operational aspects of the website to deliver specialised content to you. A section on the page called “recently viewed items” is an example of when and how this information is stored in the text file on your computer, and how it is used to display content. Cookies are also used to allow navigation and to place items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart. The website may not function correctly without you enabling cookies.

The website uses first party (our own) along with third party cookies to deliver content to you.

Third-party cookies are used in both the searching and purchasing phase, along with the payment phase of your transaction.

The website uses third-party cookies from Google Analytics as unique and anonymous identifiers in order to identify trends in search engines, either internal or external to the website, along with purchasing patterns to allow us to provide a better range of products to our users.

Third-party cookies may also be used through our payment system, and from YouTube with embedded videos. We do not store sensitive user data (such as credit card information or PayPal account information) on our website. RSPCA South Australia and the website do not have control over these cookies and you will need to check with each company regarding their policies.

The website also uses tokens to identify already logged in users, and the security credentials of the user.  These tokens are set to expire when you close your web browsing session, however individual browser may retain session tokens.

The website and RSPCA South Australia utilise social media “share” buttons  and links to allow you to share our content on your social media pages. If you use any of these links then there may be other cookies used by these sites, which are outside the control of the website or RSPCA South Australia to control. You should visit the social media page’s cookie policies for further information about how they use cookies.

This website is designed for use solely within Australia. If you reside or are viewing this website from outside of Australia, you are not entitled to view this website and it is not for your use.

More information and how to contact us

For information on how to delete or restrict cookies on your device visit www.aboutcookies.org.

If you have any concerns regarding our cookies policy, please email petville@rspcasa.org.au.